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Person (All Ages)


NO LOCOMOTIVE CAB RIDES IN 2020, DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS.  This is your opportunity to ride in the train with the engineer and crew during the 22-mile roundtrip excursion. You can experience what railroading is like from the cab of the locomotive! Learn about the inner workings of the train and discover the world of engineering. It’s a dream come true for train lovers who want to enjoy the railroad first hand.

Please note:

  • Solo cab riders must be 13 years old or older.
  • The train cab is not wheelchair accessible. Cab riders must be able to climb the steps on and off the locomotive and walk along the walkway on the outside of the locomotive.
  • We have found that some people have sensitive hearing, especially to the loud air horn on the locomotive, so ear protection is available.
  • Only one cab rider is permitted in the locomotive at one time.
  • Cab riders must wear closed-toe shoes. Guests wearing open-toed shoes are not allowed to ride in the locomotive cab.